Seeing Krissy on stage I was in absolute awe of her. A quick social media stalk to find she is a personal trainer, nutritionist, bodybuilder, a Comp prep coach and her qualifications are amazing.

I was hesitant on which coach to trust and invest in BUT Kristyn has years of personal experience as a natural bodybuilder. Her years of education in nutrition and Sports makes Krissy the perfect coach.

Krissy has provided individual programs suited to me. Nutritional and training programs are updated as required.

Krissy not only addresses nutrition, training but also mental/ emotional health. Krissy actually cares for every one of her clients.  She is dedicated to ensuring you reach your goal. Krissy checks in on you regularly and I have contacted Krissy many times outside of the check ins. Krissy encourages this.

When joining with Krissy I was overweight and lacked confidence. I suffer PTSD from Domestic Violence, Krissy had the knowledge and experience to deal with my body not responding how it “normally” should. I loved my food and hated cardio, I now don’t hate cardio as much. Krissy’s nutritional program provided me with the foods, I love, with a choice of 3 options for every meal. I had so many variations to choose from, never getting bored of my meal plan. Krissy even provided me with recipes to try, delicious combos.

During comp prep I had emotional trauma, Krissy altered my program to suit me and enable me to reach my goals. Being a solo parent Krissy has been so adapting. Showing me alternatives, I can do in my home gym compared to my gym routine for the days Can’t make the gym. Krissy has been flexible with check ins and adapting to me having to bring kids along.

 Krissy will be back stage supporting you all the way, even tanning your bum if you need.

Krissy has been such an outstanding coach, I introduced my eldest daughter to Krissy for com prep. My daughter has reflux issues and injuries. WOW to Krissy, changing her program last minute to suit her reflux or injury. She has taken my daughter to another level. I could not imagine another coach I would trust to take my daughter through comp prep. My daughter would not have excelled to the level she has with anyone else.

I have even sent my son, cousin and friends to Krissy for her nutritional program. Each person provided with the nutritional program loves the food, variety and simplicity of the program. With each person reaching their goals.

Krissy provides advice on posing, fluid retention, supplements, training, nutrition, what to expect, where to buy bikini’s, shoes and posing. Krissy provides one on one PT sessions to ensure you are getting the most of your training.

Krissy cares and is there every step of the way to make sure you succeed at your goal. Krissy gives you her full attention. Follow Krissy’s program and you will succeed with full support.

#teamgunz x

I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with your service and so glad that I found you !!I mean I’ve had my fair share of coaches and you are the best by far. Your macros are to a tee and you know what works for my body. Even before starting with me you knew that a high carb diet is good for my body type and to be honest that is what drew me to you cuz I couldn’t agree more with that statement.I can’t wait to see the gains-Kristy

Krissy is a great coach. I’m really glad I bumped into her at the gym and found an amazing person to guide me with my workouts and diet plan according to my goals. Before that, I was all over the place and had no clue what I was doing- Autrin

When i started the gym i was all over the place and didn’t know how to start.. until i met Kristyn, who is such a great coach and helped me achieve what I have always wanted.. her constant support is always great. - Shristi

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