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Kristyn Lia- Champion Competitor

Champion Trainer 

Sports Nutrition


Seeing Krissy on stage I was in absolute awe of her. A quick social media stalk to find she is a personal trainer, nutritionist, bodybuilder, a Comp prep coach and her qualifications are amazing.

I was hesitant on which coach to trust and invest in BUT Kristyn has years of personal experience as a natural bodybuilder. Her years of education in nutrition and Sports makes Krissy the perfect coach.

Krissy has provided individual programs suited to me. Nutritional and training programs are updated as required.

Krissy not only addresses nutrition, training but also mental/ emotional health. Krissy actually cares for every one of her clients.  She is dedicated to ensuring you reach your goal. Krissy checks in on you regularly and I have contacted Krissy many times outside of the check ins. Krissy encourages this....


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